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HKP-125 Spraying Site
HKP-125 Spraying Site
Spray Rendering
Spray Rendering
HKP-100 Spraying Site
HKP-100 Spraying Site

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*Optimize Outline Structure The maximum wide of machine is 2.2m, convenient for loading operation, avoid similar factory requires open protection fence when loading because of exceeding wide size, even, some of truck needs to cut baffle to load.
*Slurry inlet pipe is shorter Slurry pump self-priming is limited, similar factory slurry inlet pipe is about 2m, bent not straight, seriously limit the sucking ability of sticky material, and lead to jam when spraying sticky material or insufficient slurry inlet to affect spraying height and consistency, new product slurry inlet pipe short to 50cm, fully ensure inlet speed and material sticky.

Spraying Substrate Proportion:

Water: 1
Soil: 1.5-2.5
Rice husk: 1
(In which, soil is based on local sand soil test, for clay soil need to be decreased)


1. Hydroseeder is a professional equipment in slope greening construction
2. Through this equipment, the soil matrix, green grass seeds, water-retaining agent, binder, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in tank to form a glue slurry use water pump to spray them on slope surface.
3. Because the slurry contains water-retaining material, binding material, and various nutrients, while ensuring plant growth needed water and other nutrient source
4. It can effectively prevent rain wash to damage the sprayed material, so the plant can grow fast and healthy.